Spring 2022 Weekend is cancelled

Illinois Way of Christ Secretariat met on November 13 at the Lanark Church of the Brethren before the Ultreya and gave the go ahead on the Women’s Weekend for March 10-13 with Nina Henkins leading this event as Rector.

Mid-December Nina prayerfully reconsidered this commitment; looking at team member responsibilities, the overall health concerns of the pandemic, the questions of such an intimidate gathering, and felt God leading her to not to serve as rector for the weekend.

In light of this leading for Nina and the Secretariat and the place we find ourselves as a Way of Christ movement, the Spring 2022 Women’s Weekend is cancelled.

The Secretariat will be meeting sometime in near future to seek God’s leading and explore how God would have us move forward with this equipping effort.

If you have questions contact someone on the Secretariat.

Submitted by Dan Rusmisel