Spring 2022 Weekend

Illinois Way of Christ Secretariat met on November 13 at the Lanark Church of the Brethren before the Ultreya.

The Spring 2022 weekend will be a Women’s Weekend March 10-13 with Nina Henkins leading this event as Rector.

Nina is building the team for this event so now is the time to be lifting her, the team, and the candidates to be up in prayer.

If God is nudging you to serve on this team contact Nina. Team fees for just this weekend have been reduced to $100 by the Secretariat.

Now is too the time to be praying about who you will sponsor for this Women’s Weekend. We are expecting a full weekend of 30 candidates, so as many as possible are equipped for their journey of faith.  Applications are available on this site and are to be sent to Ed & Lori Cole.

If you have questions contact someone on the Secretariat.

Submitted by Dan Rusmisel