Lay Director

Lori Cole

The Lay Directors have many responsibilities within the Way of Christ Secretariat. They are essentially the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Way of Christ.

The Lay Director:

  1. Calls and conducts meeting and retreats of the Secretariat and committees.
  2. Prepare agendas for discussion at these meetings.
  3. Forms and dissolves special committees and appoint their chairs with approval of the Secretariat.
  4. Coordinates the work of the members and of the committees of the Secretariat. Provides
  5. written procedures and policies to assure Secretariat compliance.
  6. Schedules weekends, ultryeas, leaders schools, rector and team selection meetings.
  7. The director is a member of the Leaders Committee for selection of rectors for the Way of Christ weekends.
  8. The Lay Director is required to have served as a rector before assuming the Lay Director responsibilities.