Community to gather

The Secretariat is beginning work on a September Ultreya for the Illinois Way of Christ community. (The Secretariat meets next on June 19th, please offer suggestions or volunteer to help.)

This gathering and fellowship meal is generally followed by singing, worship, communion, and sharing by a 4th day speaker. Feel free to invite and bring family and friends, even if they have not been involved in a Cursillo Weekend.

We are still watching the covid-19 concerns and plan to consider those in our planning and the gathering circumstances as that date approaches. 

If our gathering looks possible, we will go ahead with the meal and worship.  We pray that is the case so participants can bring their own place setting ( plates, cups, silverware ), lawn chair, sunscreen, as well as a dish to pass. 

We expect this to be a park gathering to make open air fellowship easier.

Bring your Pilgrims Guide, name tag, cross and green Palanca, looking forward to our time of fellowship and encouragement!

Child care will be difficult if everyone goes to a different activity, so we will only offer an activity that is close to the shelter. If you or your child wants to do something other than this close activity, please make your own arrangements.