We Want You

Luke 22:26

But you are not to be like that. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves.

There is also the category of persons who “should” experience the Way of Christ.

Inviting someone to experience a Way of Christ is not simply offering a present to someone we love. This goes beyond the person and involves all those touched by his or her life. The ultimate aim of the Way of Christ Movement is to change society through the power of Christian witness.

The ideal candidate for a Way of Christ is the person that shows qualities of leadership, who is influential in his social environment; a person whose ideas carry weight, whose decisions and attitudes have an impact on society.

  • The ideal candidate refuses to live a mediocre life and wishes to build a more human and fraternal world.
  • Such a candidate is sociable, capable of working within a team, responsible, generous and solicitous for others and the world.
  • The people who sponsor a candidate must keep in mind that the Christianization of the community is the main objective and that this often means having recourse to persons who are already influential.

Eduardo Bonnin, the main founder of the Cursillo Movement, often dwelt on the fact that such qualities can be found in one “who seems far from God and the Church”. Such a person could have the makings of a true Christian leader. Many of our young people today fit into that category. The Way of Christ, by its very nature, thrives on action and will always need the dynamic presence of the newly converted and the young people. Following the Way of Christ or other Cursillo, they are often eager to get involved. They are the “Saint Pauls” of our times.

However, this being said about the “ideal candidate”, in searching for natural leaders, the Way of Christ does not intend to cater only to the elite. The Way of Christ is open to all.  God sees potential in people, where we do not.