Upcoming Events

The Way of Christ Men’s Weekend is a possibility for Spring 2022.  The Rector for Weekend is yet to be named. Please pray for the leadership of this weekend and the team to be equipped for guiding the candidates in their response to God’s leading through this upcoming weekend.

The Way of Christ Women’s Weekend is a possibility for Spring 2022. The Rectora has been called to serve for Weekend #36. Please pray for her and the team that will develop as they prepare to guide the candidates in their response to and equipping that God will provide through the weekend.

The next Way of Christ Ultreya is September 11 at the Lanark Church of the Brethren in Lanark. The Church is located at 326 South High Street at the corner of High and Pearl Streets.

Ultreya starts with the 5 PM Fellowship Meal.

Worship, singing, prayer, and sharing from a speaker about their journey with Christ follows naming how their faith has grown using the tools offered through the Way of Christ.

The Rectors for the next weekend are also anointed at this Ultreya.


Lanark is located at the intersection of Highways 52/64 and 73/72 in Carroll County, Illinois.